Health & Wellbeing

Infant mental health - the first 6 months

A baby in the first 6 months of life is completely dependent on parental care. Not only for their physical needs but also for emotional regulation and protection against stress.

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Little african american baby boy playing in the grass

Supporting your baby's emotional development

Between 6 to 12 months your baby may start to express discomfort or display emotions such as anger and fear.

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How to establish a good baby sleep routine

When it comes to introducing a sleep routine for your baby, it’s important to be realistic in your expectations. When they’re very young, they’ll simply sleep, wake and feed.

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Baby boy sleeping on a bed with teddy bear

Understanding your baby's sleep patterns

Learn about the impact of environmental factors on your baby’s sleep, and how you can encourage positive sleeping habits early on.

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Baby girl with a bow in her hair

Baby Growth Tool

Different children grow at different rates. Some children grow faster than others and what is considered ‘normal’ includes a wide spectrum.

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