Diet & Nutrition

Male and Female smiling at baby

Feeding Choices

When it comes to making feeding decisions, try to talk all the options through as a couple, and be supportive of your partner’s wishes – even if these change after birth.

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Nutrition supports the development of the immune system

Breastmilk plays an important role in supporting the development of your baby’s immune system, helping defend them against germs and viruses.

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Jars of baby food

Making baby food

After 6 months old, if you’d like to make your own baby food from scratch, we’ll show you how to give your baby all the nutrients they need.

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Nuts and Grains

Food allergies in babies

Learn about the signs to look for, which foods are most likely to trigger a reaction, how and when to introduce allergenic foods safely.

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Young boy with face in his hands

Common Baby Feeding Issues

For a new mum it can be worrying when your baby doesn’t seem to be feeding as well as you’d expect, or they cry for long periods of time due to colic.

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